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Experience That Matters!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. 

My name is Lauren Griffin and I am running as an Independent for the Augusta County Clerk of Court position.  I currently serve as a paralegal for the Augusta County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office. 


Over my 15 years of employment I have managed thousands of case files.  I am heavily involved in the preparation of files from the ground up.  I also assist attorneys, court personnel and the public.  I work with numerous local Law Enforcement Agencies as well as the Victim Witness Office and the current Clerk of Court Office.  I have attended numerous guilty pleas, bench trials and jury trials. 


I know what is required for cases to go before the Court. 

My years of court experience is something my opponents cannot offer you.  I am the only candidate with court experience.  I see that as being appropriate for a Court position.

Given I have only this opportunity to make a lasting impression upon you, I want to leave you with this one question:

Shouldn't the Clerk of Court be someone with Court experience?

November 5th Vote

Lauren Griffin: Experience That Matters


 About The Candidate 

I have worked as a paralegal for the Augusta County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office for 15 years. I came to work under the direction of A. Lee Ervin and now Tim Martin. During these 15 years I have worked closely with the Victim Witness Assistance Program and the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office. It is with great enthusiasm I announce that I am running for the position of Clerk of Court for the County of Augusta. This new opportunity to serve the community will continue on with the knowledge I already have and provide me with more chances to serve you. I truly enjoy the criminal justice field and I am passionate about providing assistance to the citizens of Augusta County.


I have been a resident of Augusta County for 30 years. I graduated from Stuarts Draft High School in 1996 and Bridgewater College in 2001. After graduation I worked for Staunton City Schools as a teacher aide for special need students and for Augusta County Public Schools as a substitute teacher. I interned at the Office of the Public Defender, and, after learning about office duties and having the opportunity to go to court, I recognized that this was a field in which I wanted to pursue a career.

I reside in Stuarts Draft with my husband and two daughters. I believe in the importance of having quality family time and maintaining a healthy balance between the family and work. With both of my children now attending school, I have the ability to meet the demanding yet rewarding requirements of the Circuit Court Clerk position.

I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail. If you would like to ask me anything, please e-mail me at GriffinforClerk@gmail.com.


 Education & Experience 

I am a 2001 graduate of Bridgewater College.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with a minor in Elementary Education. 


I began my career in Criminal Justice through an internship with the Office of the Public Defender.  In 2004 I applied for my current position of paralegal with the Augusta County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office and have enjoyed it ever since.  As a paralegal I am responsible for trial preparation in all three of the Augusta County courts: Juvenile & Domestic Relations, General District and Circuit Court. 


The preparation includes but is not limited to creating files, preparing Virginia Sentencing Guidelines, requesting prior convictions from other courts state wide and managing time sensitive material (such as the file of laboratory

certificates from the Department of Forensic Science, filing

letters with the Court and providing them to defense

attorneys as required by the Melendez-Diaz statute, filing prior

convictions letters 14 days before jury trials with the Court

and sharing them with defense attorneys, and providing

the Court with jury instructions).  I also am familiar with

managing and preparing for Grand Jury as well as setting cases. 

 Contact / Volunteer 

 Contact / Volunteer 

A campaign takes many helping hands to work smoothly.  Together we can get the job done and succeed.  Please join me on my campaign trail. 


Send an e-mail to GriffinforClerk@gmail.com indicating what you would like to help with (e.g. door knocking/handing out literature, hosting an event, place a sign in your yard, working at poll locations, helping at campaign events and parades

Lauren L. Griffin


How to volunteer


Please consider a donation for a success campaign. 

Any amount you can contribute will be greatly appreciated. 

If you would like to donate please contact me at

GriffinforClerk.com or you can donate by mail:

Make checks payable to:

Griffin for Clerk

75 Sugarcamp Lane

Stuarts Draft, VA 24477

 (Anonymous donations cannot be accepted) 

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“Virginia law requires all candidate campaign committees to maintain a record of the name, mailing address, occupation information (includes type of work, employer and principal place of business) for each individual who contributes to our committee.  Your information will not be reported if your cumulative contribution is $100 or less for this campaign.”

If you haven’t done so already please be sure to register to vote on November 5th. 

Every vote counts!